How to prevent squirrels from invading your home

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It’s no doubt that squirrels are fun loving creatures, but as cute as they are they can quickly become nuisance animals. Squirrels can invade your home and cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. While they can cause damage to electrical wiring, siding, trim and shred insulation in your home, they can also carry parasites. These parasites such as ringworm, fleas, mites, ticks, and others can be easily transmitted to people to. The goal of every homeowner should be to identify potential problems and fix them before they happen.So how do you go about squirrel proofing your home? The key is to make your home less attractive to the squirrels. If you make your home less convenient to them they’ll look elsewhere. Start off by finding and identifying any entryway into your home that a squirrel might use. Look for holes that squirrels might enlarge, overlapping sections of roofs, and gaps under eaves. Cover these holes with mesh hardware cloth. You can also move bird feeders further from your home and trim tree branches within twelve feet of your home.What do you do if you suspect a squirrel has entered your home? There are many options that you could perform yourself. You could attempt to poison the squirrels, if it’s legal in your area. The downside of this is the fact if they die in your home and you can’t find them then they’ll begin to smell as they decompose. You could set up traps and attempt to catch them. You could put cage traps in trees and on rooftops and bait them with barley, nuts and fruit for a few days before actually setting the trap. This way the squirrels have time to become accustomed to the trap.  Of course this is not a legal option everywhere because it’s not always legal to relocate squirrels. In this case you’ll have to use kill traps such as all metal tunnel and other tube type traps or choker type traps.Whether you’re trying to keep squirrels out of your home or your trying to remove squirrels from your home, your best option is to contact a professional wildlife removal expert. These experts can walk through and identify any trouble areas that may be of concern and then perform the maintenance and repair of these areas. If you have a squirrel in your home they can also remove the animal and if any damage was caused they’re also able repair the damage.
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