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VA Wildlife Removal provides licensed and insured Skunk Removal throughout the central and northern Virginia areas. These Areas include:

Description of a skunk. Skunks are mainly black and white although
some skunks are brown or cream colored. Their size can range from 15
inches to 37 inches weighing up to 18 lbs out in the wild. A skunks
diet consist of plant and animal material depending on the season of
the year. For example, they will eat insects,snakes, birds, and
moles. They also eat berries, leaves, and grass.Skunks mate in early spring. They usually have 4 to 7 kits. They will
us their sharp claws to make burrows in the ground or use man made
holes for there homes and for having their kits. They also use these
burrows in the winter. Although they don’t truly hibernate in the
winter they only come out ever so often to feed.Skunks are a predator to honey bees. Their thick fur prevents stings.
They scratch at the front of the bee hive and eat the guard bees.
They also teach their young to do so.Skunks have a chemical that they spray for protection. they only use
it as a last resort. Skunks only have enough of this chemical for 5
or 6 uses and it takes about 10 days to produce more. Other ways
skunks threaten other animals in defense are by hissing, foot
stamping, and high-tail postures before spraying.If you notice signs of this animal call a wildlife specialist to help
you take care of the problems skunks may cause to your property.

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