Squirrel Removal in Lake of the Woods

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VA Wildlife Removal recently responded to a call that the homeowner was hearing scratching in the attic.  Upon arrival and inspection of the attic, we found that there were a family of squirrels that had chewed through the front left corner of the home that gave them attic access.  The squirrels had two nest which were intended for their young.  Also upon further inspection we found numerous electrical wires that had been chewed by the squirrels which causes a fire hazard and informed the homeowner.The damage repair consisted of, of course removal of the squirrels and the nest.  At that time VA Wildlife Removal removed  the front gutters and installed new gutter seal along entire front of home to insure any other entry or possible damage from squirrels or other wildlife. Even though this homeowner lived in an upscale home squirrels do not discriminate.  So if you hear noises in your attic , please do not hesitate, call a professional because animals can and will cause major damage once they have entered your home

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