A Raccoon Removal Service Provider You Can Count On

VA Wildlife Removal in Fredericksburg, VA provides exceptional raccoon removal services. These unwelcome animals are usually classified as pest species due to their habits of living in human dwellings.

Nuisance Concerns

What makes raccoons dangerous is the fact that they have adapted to living with humans. They have learned that garbage cans and dumpsters are sufficient sources of food and that houses are excellent habitat.

A mother raccoon will often tear a hole in a roof to access an attic, where they will make quite a mess and a lot of noise. They are strong animals. Once inside, they often tear off insulation paper and rip ducts open. They will search hard for food, tipping over trash cans and raiding dumpsters. Aside from that, these pests carry a number of parasites and diseases that can affect people or pets.

Usual Issues

The most common complaints include the following:

  • Living in the attic and the chimney
  • Tipping over garbage cans
  • Stealing pet food or birdseed
  • Potentially sick and rabid
  • Presence is alarming to pets

For these reasons, many people wish to have this nuisance animal trapped and removed.

Raccoon Biology

These pests are easy to recognize with their distinctive black mask and ringed tail. Adults range from 10 to over 40lbs. They can live up to 12 years in the wild though average life spans average closer to 5-6 years.

Raccoon’s mate in the winter— around December. The females give birth to three to five cubs. They are usually born in the springtime.

Survival Facts

Like many mammals, raccoons are primarily nocturnal. They are also omnivores, which means that they eat almost anything they can get their crafty hands on.


Raccoon Diseases

They are common carriers of rabies, a potentially fatal disease. Aside from that, they can also kill your dog since they carry canine distemper. Their feces may contain raccoon roundworms, the spores of which people can breathe in and become seriously infected. That’s why it’s important to capture them as soon as possible.

Service Areas

We provide raccoon removal services in various cities and their surrounding areas. These include Centreville, Lake Ridge, Gainesville, Alexandria, Herndon, Manassas, Lake of the Woods, Fredericksburg, Great Falls, and Reston.